Artist Statement

It is said, that purgatory is a state in which the souls who have died in grace must expiate their sins in order to go to heaven. It is a place where the soul is in a state of limbo contained within a sterile environment in which it struggles to split itself between sin and purity in order to have access to heaven. I use this concept in everyday life where I am always in a constant limbo and struggling with “The in between.” I am thoroughly intrigued by this moment of in betweeness, by its ambiguity and its insecurity. Quantum mechanics also describes that moment we all feel. According to Schrodinger’s theory, the state of indecision we all experience, explains how decision making creates realms to split in half and causing dual realities to form. Thus giving us a better understanding of what we are searching for because the world that we live in is visually different from our limits of visual perspective.

My work relate to those ideas and create realities that split in order to symbolize the way we struggle when being in limbo both mentally and physically. I Juxtapose construction components like wood and metal with paint including, but not limited to resin, wire, paper, and canvas to create environments that imitate these multiple realities that are driven unto the surface. By manipulating materials to play a different role from what was initially intended, I push them  outside of their common physical attributes and create playful environments that bring up questions as to the duality of things and how combined elements create a whole new set of facts.