Janett Pulido Zizumbo is a Mexican-American visual artist whose artwork revolves around the notion of perception and how visual perception skews the mind of the viewer. She explores religious, scientific and social concepts that play a part in the perception of the in between. She uses concepts like purgatory in her everyday life, where society plays a role of constant limbo thus, grinds to make decisions at every turn.

She often employs unconventional materials when painting and drawing, that range from plaster, resin, wire, paper to styrofoam and wood. Her practice has been described as an “exploration of physicality” in her experimentations with different textures and planes that often re-evaluate and expand the limits and boundaries of painting.

Janett Pulido has received numerous awards and grants. She has recently received an artist residency fellowship in Venice, Italy, Las Damas Fellowship and the Josephina Ferran Scholarship for Latina women artists and has received several travel grants for her research in Islamic theology and Art in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.

Janett Pulido was born in Chicago, IL. She received her BFA and BS at Illinois State University and received her MFA at the University of South Florida. She is currently teaching and living in Veracruz, Mexico.

Janett Pulido